Code of Conduct

Love Reading is a community of learners, parents, book creators, and book lovers. We are united by a desire to help children grow their love of books and reading. All our classes are offered by independent creators, who determine the content and format of their own classes. Love Reading is committed to fostering a safe space for our entire community.  Our members must treat each other without bias or prejudice across all pillars of diversity including, but not limited to, race, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, and gender identity.  All members must adhere to the below code of conduct. Love Reading members who do not meet these guidelines will be removed from the site.   By participating in Love Reading you are agreeing to abide by these policies.

Creator Code of Conduct

  • Offer classes only where you have appropriate background or expertise. 
  • Teach classes professionally. Be prepared, begin on-time, and treat all learners with respect.  
  • Dress in an appropriate manner. Ensure you are in a fitting location for a classroom setting with no inappropriate distractions in the background. 
  • Do not model any behavior that a student age 18 or younger is restricted from doing. 
  • Maintain the privacy of your learners. Do not request personal information from your learners. If you have access to any such personal information (i.e. email address, mailing addresses, phone numbers, etc.) keep this information secure and confidential. 
  • Communicate with learners in a professional manner. All interactions must be age appropriate. 
  • All classes must foster a safe and welcoming space for learners from all backgrounds and beliefs. 

Learner Code of Conduct

  • Join class on time and be ready to learn. 
  • Treat the teacher and your classmates with respect. 
  • Take responsibility for making each class a fun learning experience for yourself and your classmates: participate, stay on topic, and avoid distractions.  
  • Contribute to a class environment in a way that is safe and welcoming for learners and teachers from all backgrounds, beliefs, and locations. 
  • Keep your personal information private  

Love Reading Code of Conduct

  • We welcome members from all backgrounds and beliefs and are committed to creating a safe space for our users across all pillars of diversity. This includes, but is not limited to, race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, and gender identity.   
  • We pledge to take seriously any and all reports of harassment and/or discrimination, and to respond swiftly. 
  • We will listen to feedback from parents, teachers, and learners, and make changes accordingly. 
  • We will create and enforce policies to create a high quality, trusted, and safe community for learning.  We reserve the right to remove content or users from the platform that violates, in any manner, our code of conduct. 
  • We will foster meaningful conversation around controversial/sensitive topics and diversity of all kinds, with the understanding that viewpoints and opinions may vary, but respect and kindness for each other must always apply. 

Finally, we ask that all members assume the best intentions in others.  We ask that you share feedback in a constructive way. If any member of the Book Love community feels that this Code of Conduct has been violated, contact us immediately at